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It is all about making the reader happy

Initial Situation

AUTO BILD is Germany’s biggest selling car magazine and one of the flagship titles published by the publisher Axel Springer.

Originally, AUTO BILD had two separate apps and was creating different content for both of them. One was designed purely for tablets and was used to distribute the content of the print magazine. This was done using the Digital Publishing Suite from Adobe®. The other app was designed purely for use on smartphones and contained the daily content available on the website, which was fed into the app via a link to the company’s web CMS.

The Challenge

Multiple systems, different contents on smartphone and tablets, and in some cases highly complex manual processes used to transform print content into mobile optimized layouts. SPRYLAB’s challenge was to find out how to create a system that would

  • Optimize internal processes
  • Provide readers with an app containing the same contents on smartphones and tablets
  • Ensuring that they were not sacrificing a mobile-optimized layout and various engaging interactive elements

The Solution

SPRYLAB worked closely together with AUTO BILD’s product management and editorial teams to create a centralised strategy. The result was an app that provides news via a newsfeed updated multiple times a day, as well as mobile-optimized digital edition for smartphones and tablets. The entire concept was based on SPRYLAB’s Purple DS digital publishing platform.

Goal 1: Mobile-optimized interactive magazine for smartphones and tablets

Turning a print magazine into an interactive, mobile-optimized e-magazine for smartphone and tablet is an easy, one-step process with Purple DS® Templating Client. The process is based on individually designed templates and corresponding article components such as headlines, subheaders, image galleries, videos, etc. With Purple DS®, it’s possible to quickly create a new, interactive, mobile-optimized article by simply dragging and dropping individual elements from the InDesign® print article into the smartphone and tablet components.

The drag and drop function means that an XML structure of the InDesign® article is being created in the background. As the template and the components are also XML based, it’s easy to combine these building blocks into a new article. It’s also possible to use the XML data across other channels.

Goal 2: Delivering up-to-date, interactive website content for use on smartphones and tablets

Our solution was based on pre-designed interactive article templates and components for smartphones and tablets. The CMS thus now publishes content onto the website and the app. Using this process, AUTO BILD publishes 30 new articles a day into the same app that contains the digital edition. Using a clever combination of a newsfeed with an e-magazine storefront, SPRYLAB enabled AUTO BILD to engage in continuous publishing on mobile and tablet.

Goal 3: Integrating dynamic advertising

Readers are used to seeing advertising in the space around articles in print editions as well as on websites. For the new version of the AUTO BILD app, SPRYLAB drew on this approach and integrated mobile advertising in various areas. The dynamic advertising sections appear in the overview of the newsfeed as well as within the newsfeed articles.

Goal 4: Integrating AUTO BILD’s in-house subscription system

In order to ensure that all digital channel subscribers received access to the app contents, the app was connected to AUTO BILD’s in-house entitlement system. Thus users who purchased subscriptions on the website also had access to the contents on the app.

Goal 5: Integrating diverse analytical tools

In order to provide readers with a long-lasting, positive and interesting reading experience, SPRYLAB integrated a range of analytical tools into the app. The anonymously collected data enable the editorial team to understand precisely what is important to their readers.

Goal 6: “Soft” migration without disrupting the user experience

With the help of Purple DS Migration Client, AUTO BILD was able to migrate all of its existing Adobe DPS® editions in their entirety without any continuation issues.


Overall, SPRYLAB helped AUTO BILD not only optimize its internal processes, but also, and most importantly to create a new experience for its users. Every piece of content within the app is enhanced with multimedia elements such as videos, image galleries or pop-ups and optimized for reading on smartphones and tablets. The newsfeed provides engaging articles free of charge and is updated multiple times a day.

„An incredibly interesting project with the intention to publish an app that includes a wide range of modern communication elements taking into account the most recent consumer trends such as continuous publishing, snackable as well as engaging content. At the same time, the project also helps to streamline some oft he internal processes without compromising the outcome fort he user. The result is fantastic, and I am sure the face of every automobile fan will brighten.“

York Walterscheid, Director Marketing & Sales sprylab technologies GmbH

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Additional Information:

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