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The initial shock has faded

Half a year has passed since Adobe’s announcement at the Mobile World Congress that it would no longer offer its Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) as an individual product. This publishing tool will now be available only as a marketing cloud solution (AEM). This switch is really only worth it for customers who use the entire AEM spectrum and align their internal processes with it – for everyone else, the solution is simply too expensive. Adobe’s target average annual revenue is likely to be in the mid-range five digits. Many DPS users are therefore facing the challenge of finding a new, simpler and fairer tool that enables them to turn their creative ideas into reality.

What’s on your wish list?

A publishing tool needs to be simple and intuitive while providing a wide range of options for creating engaging apps.The tool also needs to be compatible with all current systems and devices. What’s key for publishing companies and businesses is the ability to transfer existing editions of publications into the new system and ensuring the continuity of all previous functions for their readers.

Divorce and new beginning?

Let’s be honest: At this point, this looks like a big dilemma. On the one hand, there are extremely high costs looming on the horizon, and most apps will never make enough money to justify that expenditure. On the other hand, businesses and publishing companies have high expectations for the user quality of their apps. How do you solve this problem? The first option is annual negotiations with Adobe that will allow you to continue working as before, but in this case a price increase is unavoidable. Or you look for a solid, new partner who can provide intelligent technology that will fulfill your quality and security requirements.

The right partner can help

The second option is, of course, always accompanied by insecurity and concerns. You can now kiss those worries goodbye, because sprylab is here to help. Since 2015, we have supported a number of businesses and publishing companies in switching from DPS to Purple DS. We developed our application so that it provides familiar processes, enabling users to quickly learn to use the software. With Purple DS, you will find a variety of options for creating attractive and engaging apps. The most important aspect for our users is that all animations and interactions created in DPS can be maintained and remain fully editable within the migration to Purple DS. We provide training webinars in order to make the transition easier for our users. Our packages contain all of the features needed for your work, so there’s no mystery for you when it comes to planning your budget.

The transition from one system to another is not noticeable to your users and will take place through a regular update to the app.

How about a little more?

Purple DS Composer enables you to tailor your app precisely to your customers’ needs. Whether you’re creating a customer magazine or an app for your coworkers, digitalizing corporate documents or training material, our software will help you create the perfect end product. Or have you ever thought about publishing your annual report as an app? The digital format will bring massive savings in terms of printing costs! With Purple DS, your imagination knows no bounds.

Purple DS has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. We have designed it to allow you to produce apps as efficiently as possible. It enables you to create animations and interactive elements in order to provide the best user experience for your readers. Your engaging apps will enable optimal customer retention as a result of readers engaging actively and intensively with your brand.

The choice is yours

No matter where you’re starting from, Purple DS will help you create the perfect mobile experience for your customers. Users who have existing publications in PDF form can use Purple DS to turn them into apps and enhance the material with interactive elements to get the reader closely involved with the topic. Purple DS also allows you to process graphics files (such as InDesign or Photoshop), in templates you’ve defined to fit your specific needs. Furthermore, you can link Purple DS to your CMS and set the program to create your apps automatically from this system. We’ll provide technical assistance during the initial technical linking of your systems and will be available with ad-hoc support at any time later in the process.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Adobe DPS, get in touch with us today to set up appointment for a web presentation. We’ll show you what our solution can do and will provide individualized advice on how your business can switch to a new publishing system simply and easily.

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