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BYE BYE ADOBE DPS ® – Blog Series

„Your Adobe DPS® subscription has expired.“ When this message appears, it’s usually followed by the option to renew your license. But in the year in which “mobile first” has finally become a reality, it just so happens that this option is no longer available to users of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite® (Adobe DPS®). This means your company is going to have to make a decision. This decision will have an impact on how your company operates and on how it’s perceived in the market. So, what happens now?

Many companies are currently faced with this question. To help you make this decision, we’ve put together a three-part “Bye Bye Adobe DPS” blog series. It covers the alternatives available to you, explains how easy it is to switch to Purple DS®, reports on the experiences of companies that have already made the switch, and describes the advantages presented by Purple DS®.

1. Bye Bye Adobe DPS®: What happens to my mobile app?  

2. Bye Bye Adobe DPS®: ‘An easy and flexible solution is required’ – an interview with publishing experts

3. Bye Bye Adobe DPS®: Moving on with Purple DS® – Experience from a former Adobe DPS® user

What happens next?

The first part of our series provides an overview of the decisions now facing your company and addresses all of the most important points.

1. Can I afford the new AEM Marketing Cloud?

As reported a year ago, Adobe DPS has been integrated into the vast AEM Marketing Cloud. Upgrading to AEM does give you access to more features and options, but at a price in the realm of five to six figures. For many small and medium-sized business and publishing companies, the new cost-benefit ratio simply isn’t worth it. Publishers in particular are still faced with the challenge of monetizing their products, which is why they must find the most cost-effective ways to publish their content.

2. Is it better to take my app off the market than to switch to another product?

If you’re toying with the idea of shutting down your app, we’d recommend first taking a moment to think about the audience your company is looking to reach. What kind of impact would it have on your customers if your mobile communications solution was no longer available?

Since 2014, 60% of media consumption has been taking place via mobile devices, and about 80% of that consumption occurs via apps. The trend towards mobile consumption continues to grow. You made the decision to use an app in order to reach your customers on the go. Apps not only enable you to provide your content in a handy, up-to-date format, but also to offer your customers added value that’s specific to your company: an app is a mobile interactive communications solution that allows you to reach your customers and your customers to reach you everywhere and at any time.

According to an Adobe study that polled 14,000 marketing experts on the digital trends of 2017, 29% of respondents answered that over the next five years, customer experience is the most important factor for companies in terms of differentiating themselves from the competition. An app serves as a personal channel that allows you to persuade your customers of your product via tailored information about your company. Analytics collected by the app help you to easily understand what your customers are interested in, which allows you to react to customer interests on an individual basis. Together with mobile-optimized design and strong content, an app supports you in creating an individual experience for the customer. It’s clear why content apps are regarded as an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition in mobile marketing.

In general, apps enable you to engage with your customers and colleagues in a more active way than other media allow. In contrast to static print and proactive websites, apps are an interactive communications medium whose strength results from their playback ability. With smartphones and tablets, it’s possible for you to actively distribute updates and new features via push notifications outside of a user’s active use of the app. User details such as name, age and gender can be integrated for personalized engagement. In the following study, you’ll find more tips on how to employ this highly flexible communications method.

3. Are other solutions compatible with my established work flows?

Just as Adobe can be effectively integrated into your workflow, alternative solutions also make it possible for you to work on InDesign® and PDF formats. The layouts serve as a content basis and can be enriched using flexible publishing tools, such as those offered by Purple DS® Suite, to include interactive elements such as pop-ups, animations or videos. Thanks to the Purple DS Migration Tool, migrating your existing Adobe DPS® projects is incredibly easy, without the loss of any interactive elements or animations along the way. You’d like to offer your content offline and in stable apps and you’re therefore looking to deliver your content in a format natively optimized for smartphones and tablets? It’s possible with Purple DS®, the most creative, flexible and cost-efficient alternative to Adobe DPS®  as well as to Pugpig® and Oomph®.

Still not sure what to do?

Testimonials from DPS Customers

Top car magazine AUTO BILD used Purple DS® to publish a new version of its Adobe DPS®  tablet app, and to integrate the tablet app with its smartphone app linked to a web-based CMS. Migrating to Purple DS® included optimizing internal processes and the creation of a channel featuring print editions in digital format. At the same time, a newsfeed in the app displays articles currently being published on the magazine’s website. More details on this combination of paid and free content are available in this article:

Other international titles that have been migrated from Adobe DPS® to Purple DS® :

EMPIRE MAGAZINE – Download: iOS (UK) I iOS (US) I Android

Practical Photography – Download iOS I Android

In addition to the loss-free migration of your Adobe DPS® app, Purple DS® opens up new possibilities for the overall design of your apps. Features such as Scrollytelling enable you to display your content as engaging stories.

For more informations have a look at the following video
“Showreel Scrollytelling”:

Stay up-to-date with Purple DS®!

Stay up-to-date with Purple DS®!


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