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BYE BYE ADOBE DPS ® – Blog Series

Adobe DPS®: “Your licence has expired.” The first part of our blog series took a look at the issue of expiring licences and the consequences for publishers, and explained what makes Purple DS® a great alternative.

1. Bye Bye Adobe DPS®: What happens to my mobile app?

2. Bye Bye Adobe DPS®: ‘We need a simple and flexible solution’ – straight talk from publishing experts

3. Bye Bye Adobe DPS®: Moving on with Purple DS® – Experience form a former Adobe DPS® user

„We need a simple and flexible solution“ – straight talk from publishing experts

Today’s blog post features interviews with publishing experts who share details on their experiences with the Purple DS® publishing suite and the advantages it offers. Read on to discover what a potential migration would mean for you and your company.

For our first interview, we sat down with Claire Berger, Graphic Designer at Aysling our partner in the USA, to talk about the design possibilities offered by Purple DS®. Claire is in direct contact with Purple DS® customers in North America, some of whom are former DPS users. We also chatted with Kolja Kosim, who has been part of the Customer Care team at SPRYLAB for many years and is passionate about providing excellent support to Purple DS® customers around the world. Both Claire and Kolja have in-depth knowledge of Adobe DPS® and Purple DS® and have assisted during countless migrations to Purple DS®.

Our most current migration example recently went live. Read more about the migration process of the Bauer Media Group:

    Claire Berger, Grafic Designer at Aysling
    Kolja Kosim, Senior Consultant Customer Care at SPRYLAB

Purple DS®: Creativity meets efficiency!

What would you say is the most important feature, from a design perspective, that leads many former DPS® customers to migrate to Purple DS®?

CLAIRE: The most important advantage and the one that customers mention most often is that there’s no loss of interactive elements. Purple DS® is capable of migrating and displaying every interactive element that can be created within Adobe DPS®.

Can Purple DS® also be used to create animations?

CLAIRE: Absolutely! With Purple, you can create an animation directly in Purple DS® Composer – the content creation tool. Unlike Adobe DPS®, there’s no need to use an external program. Not only that, but Purple enables you to create a sleeker design than any other tool. For example, it’s possible to add animations to everything, even to drop-down menus.

Does Purple DS® have features that provide more room for creativity than Adobe DPS®?

CLAIRE: Yes. When it comes to creativity, there is one essential feature I never want to miss when creating engaging content: the Purple DS® “Scene option”. It’s a tool similar to Adobe DPS®’s multi-state object (MSO). The difference is that the “Scene option” truly lets you layer scenes.

In DPS, putting an MSO inside of another MSO is pretty tricky, and it is incredibly difficult to go back and edit or make changes later. For instance, if you wanted to create a pop-up with a slideshow inside of it, in DPS® you would have to first anchor the slideshow in a text box and then put it inside of the pop-up. It will work, but it’s a pain, and if you are trying to create anything with complexity it gets difficult very fast. In Purple, putting a scene inside of another scene is no problem. Each scene can be easily edited or changed at any time without any extra effort, and you don’t have to jump through hoops to get it to work.

With regards to efficiency, is there any feature you can think of that makes content creation easier and thus faster? Without compromising on design, of course.

CLAIRE: A great and efficient feature are pop-ups with just one-click. In DPS®, a pop-up would be created with an MSO, requiring the designer to create a blank state, as well as a state with the pop-up. And, as I mentioned before, any slideshows or pop-ups within the pop-up would need to be anchored in a text box. In Purple DS®, you simply check a box that is labelled “pop up” and create a button to trigger the popup.

Overall, the Purple DS® Composer is incredibly user friendly compared to DPS. The tools are organised and labelled well, and are easy to use. It doesn’t take more than an afternoon to learn how to use the basic tools.

Purple DS®: Efficiency meets Flexibility!

Kolja, in addition to working with designers, you mainly work with sales teams, many of which also opt to use Purple DS®. Other than the many creative possibilities, what are other good reasons to switch to Purple DS®?

KOLJA: To begin with, what really stands out is the enormous flexibility that Purple DS® delivers. It’s quick to adapt to rapidly changing content and requirements. For example, with Purple DS®, subscriptions can be changed on the fly and even created within the tool. That means that the app settings for specific advertising campaigns can be changed in no time, and even on a daily basis if need be.

What other flexible elements does Purple DS® have to offer?

KOLJA: One feature that our customers really love is the ability to customise the design of areas such as the subscription page and the entitlement page with HTML in whatever way they like, i.e. using their own images, buttons, colours, etc. All of that can be done without an app re-submission. Even the entire app menu can be completely individually tailored.

Which feature is your personal favourite when it comes to flexibility?

KOLJA: The localisation option makes it possible to rename all texts in an app, by which I mean the texts in the app architecture. With this option, every entry in the app can be renamed and the changes are applied to different language versions.

Let’s say that you want to change the term “Subscription” to “Paid Content”, then you can customise that entry, even in different languages. Or when it comes to the pop-up texts, you can set it up so that all pop-up texts use customer wording after a user has successfully registered as a paying customer.

Any other advantages in comparison with Adobe DPS® that you think customers should know about?

Content that has been migrated from DPS® to Purple® has a significantly better performance on older tablets, such as the iPad 2, when it comes to animations, interactions, etc., and is up to 20% faster.


We hope these interviews have provided helpful insights into the possibilities offered by Purple DS® – the most creative, flexible and intuitive publishing suite on the market. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have – please get in touch!

More about the possibilities of migrating DPS files to Purple DS®:

Stay up-to-date with Purple DS®!

Stay up-to-date with Purple DS®!


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