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The world of corporate communications is changing. Internal financial pressures, and the requirement to ensure that published reports are continually up to date, is meaning that corporate communications departments are looking at new ways to engage and communicate with their stakeholders, investors, employees and the media.

Furthermore, their switch from print to digital has meant that many of the target audience are expecting the content they are looking for should be readily available whenever and wherever they want it.

In both the public and private sectors, accountability and by consequence, measurability are of key importance. In 2016 corporate communications departments are expecting that measurement and evaluation need to be more than anecdotal and informal and is something that can be analyzed and optimized as required.

At SPRYLAB we have built a robust digital publishing platform which delivers against the fast moving needs and requirements of corporate communications departments.

Purple DS® allows companies to produce content across tablet and smartphones without having to write a line of code. Purple DS® allows PR teams to create responsive digital apps without the support of technical staff. This allows them to focus on Return on Investment (ROI) to management, shareholders and other key stakeholders and get the information out to who they need to in a fast, timely and cost effective manner.

When the British Red Cross were looking for a way to communicate their 2015 Annual Review they approached SPRYLAB to help them with the development of their tablet and mobile app.

As part of their objective was to be transparent, accountable to donors and reach a younger, global audience.  Based on user feedback The British Red Cross had decided to publish an app for its annual review for the first time in 2015.  This also provided the opportunity to engage with a new audience of smartphone and tablet users and open up the brand to a wider base of potential volunteers and donors.

This new way of communicating with the British Red Cross’s audience allowed them to communicate to their donors, fundraisers and executives in an engaging manner by using videos, and interactive features.


The challenge which were tasked with was to create a native app across iOS and Android devices which was more engaging than traditional formats. Furthermore, it needed to be accessible available to everyone with a smartphone or tablet device. Finally, it needed to inspire audiences through thought proving videos as well as presenting the copy from the 2015 Annual Report in concise and easily readable format.


The Solution that we adopted needed to consider that we did not have a significant amount of time to produce the digital report as it needed to coincide with the publication of the limited printed report. Furthermore, the capacity within the creative team at The British Red Cross was limited. As result they needed a package we could use that was fairly straightforward and quick to produce, hence their decision to use Purple DS®

“The digital format of our annual report has brought to life, what can be quite dry information, in an extremely engaging and dynamic way. In an age of increasing accountability, we have a responsibility to make our reporting more accessible, and this digital product does exactly that. Feedback has been extremely positive and we plan to extend this approach to other work.”
Fiona Smith, Head of Marketing and Brand Development, British Red Cross

The project needed to be an interactive digital approach upholding their commitment to be transparent and accountable to donors and supporters. It was decided to introduce a ‘time’ concept with a ticking clock. The narrative followed staff and volunteers for 24 hours. As you move through the report, you move through the day. It was designed to demonstrate the need for a particular area of work through a personal story and striking image, and followed the Red Cross response through the persona of a volunteer or staff member.

The effect is to suggest that The British Red Cross is out there supporting people in their time of need. The image of a clock is used throughout the app as a metaphor to reinforce the urgency that they are there for people in crisis 24 hours a day.  The use of videos, stunning images and an emotional narrative transformed this report from a dry corporate document to a shareable, engaging, inspirational digital experience.


The Result was that the key objectives to successfully target a younger demographic and reducing costs were met.

Feedback also came back saying that the 2015 Annual Review presented the work that the British Red Cross undertakes in an interesting and exciting new manner this came directly from donors, staff and the media. Finally, they also wanted to reduce expensive printing costs and this was successfully achieved as the initial print run was significantly reduced as the content was made available by other means.

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ANNUAL REVIEW 2015, British Red Cross

Download in App Stores:   GooglePlay    I   iTunes

END OF YEAR REVIEW 2016, British Red Cross

Download in App Stores:   GooglePlay    I   iTunes

END OF YEAR REVIEW 2016, British Red Cross

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