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Hamburger Sport-Verein is about to launch its new e-magazine app. The existing version, which was available only for iOS, has been totally redesigned as a sleeker and more efficient app directly integrated into the workflow of the print production.

Hamburger Sport-Verein (HSV) publishes a print magazine full of exciting stories for its fans and members about the HSV national league football team as well as the other types of sports within the club. The journalistic contents of the magazine are produced by the club’s own editorial team, and DNGL Media, a Hamburg-based communications agency, is responsible for the graphic design of the publication.

(This article was originally published in the FACTS Magazine 12/2016 written by Graziella Mimic)

“We had lofty goals for this project: finding a way to efficiently produce an e-magazine that provides an excellent user experience for a heterogenous target group. In SPRYLAB and Purple DS, we found the right partner and the right tool to achieve these goals for HSV.”

ANDREAS PRÖPPING, Managing Director, DNGL Media

HSV Magazin App – Download: iOS I Android

Redesign of the e-magazine

Having recently relaunched its “HSVlive” print magazine with a new look, the club decided that it was time to redesign its e-magazine too. As part of the overhaul, the editorial team sought to integrate a simpler and more efficient way of producing the e-magazine into DNGL Media’s already existing magazine production processes. The goal was to publish the e-magazine in app and online versions and to link it with an archive of previous editions and a fan merchandise catalogue. The digital edition was to provide free access to part of the content about the national league team while also offering exclusive access to certain sections for club members in order to publicize internal news from the club’s many departments.

Working closely with DNGL Media, which supports HSV in all of its publishing projects, the club created the new “HSV Magazin” app, which contains editions of “HSVlive” magazine and the stadium program. The individual e-magazine editions are based on the PDF version of the corresponding print publication. The app thus contains all of the content from the print edition, plus additional content created in Adobe InDesign and optimized for mobile devices. The PDF version and the extra digital content are then combined in Purple DS, the e-publishing software from SPRYLAB, and enhanced with interactive elements. The finished version is published as an app for smartphones and tablets and also published online.

Quelle: HSV Webiste

The HSV editorial team’s main goal in redesigning the e-magazine was to establish an efficient production process. The magazine production process is quite similar in most editorial teams and agencies: researching topics, creating content, designing the layout, and publishing the final version. At DNGL Media, which takes care of the layout of the “HSVlive” magazine for the club, the workflow follows this pattern. “The digital publication of the magazine needed to be integrated into the existing production process, and any additional effort needed to be kept to a minimum,” explains Andreas Pröpping, Managing Director of DNGL Media. “It was very easy to integrate SPRYLAB’s Purple DS into the final step in the production process.” The HSV editorial team has final approval on all contents and layouts before anything is published in the app.

As part of the redesign process, HSV also wanted to create a mobile-optimized magazine for smartphones and tablets. The e-magazine is based on the layout of the print edition, so the first step in creating the digital edition is to transfer the PDF of the print magazine into the Purple DS e-publishing software. The editorial team then creates additional articles specifically for the app in Adobe InDesign, which is optimal for preparing contents for digital production. Next, the PDF and the app-only contents are combined within Purple DS Composer. All contents (texts and images) are optimized for display on mobile devices, including both smartphones and tablets. The app is available for both Android and iOS, enabling readers to access the content no matter what type of operating system they’re using.


One of the main aims of the project was to integrate interactive elements and deliver a better user experience. By offering contents enhanced with interactive elements, the app provides users with added value in comparison with the print edition of the magazine. For this step, the graphics team at DNGL Media uses Purple DS Composer. This tool allows the team to add atypical functions and to enhance the layouts of the PDF template. All of this serves to make the app more exciting and interactive for users. In the case of “HSVlive” magazine, this included making the table of contents easier to navigate by ensuring that all articles are available to users via a single click. Individual articles are enriched with additional elements such as images. With Purple DS Composer, the design team is also able to create interactive elements, such as pop-ups, or links to external contents, such as the HSV homepage, which can be displayed in the in-app browser. These aspects not only lead to greater reader engagement with the HSV app, but also with the magazine, the individual topics, and the HSV brand as a whole.

One element that was of particular importance to HSV within the e-magazine redesign process was the management of entitlements for members. More specifically, the club wanted to have a preview section within the app where readers, particularly football fans, could access free content about the national league and exciting stories about HSV’s star players. By setting up an entitlement system, HSV was able to create a registration service for club members and thus provide exclusive club content to those readers who are members of the club and have registered as such in the app.


Last but certainly not least, the integration of diverse analytical tools was also a key element of the project. Which topics do readers find interesting? Which ones do they ignore? Which areas is it worthwhile investing more money in? How can HSV maintain its readers’ interest in the long-term? To answer these questions and provide readers with a positive and interesting reading experience in the long-term, HSV opted to integrate a range of analytical tools into the app. The anonymously collected data enables the editorial team to understand exactly what is important to its readers and then to use the findings to continuously improve the contents and the app itself.

“We had lofty goals for this project: finding a way to efficiently produce an e-magazine that provides an excellent user experience for a heterogenous target group. In SPRYLAB and Purple DS, we found the right partner and the right tool to achieve these goals for HSV,” Pröpping concludes. “We were able to integrate the processes for creating the e-magazine into the existing workflow for the production of the ‘HSVlive’ magazine. Purple DS enabled us to create an efficient path from a print magazine to an interactive e-magazine.”

Today, all of the contents in the app are enriched with diverse multimedia elements such as videos, image galleries and pop-ups, and have been optimized for smartphones and tablets. The kiosk contains all of the editions of the current season – archived and available to readers. With its new magazine app, HSV has gained an intelligent instrument that enables it to stay in constant touch with its club members, no matter how far afield they might be.


In one of our next blog articles we will update you on the new magazine app from the German football club 1. FC Köln.

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