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The new release of the SPRYLAB I Purple DS Manager is live and brings a range a of new features that are easily configurable with the Purple DS Manager for iOS and Android. The key updates are briefly summarized below.


– In the new release, the creation of apps has been made much more intuitive and faster with the app wizard
– Now you get to your first app in only 4 comprehensive steps

Entitlement & Login Options

– New standard interface for entitlement server linkage
– Issues can be secured/locked using a log-in option
– Log-in activation can be set-up for a single or several issues (great flexibility)
– Login can be initiated directly when app is started or optionally in the app using the newsstand screen
– After logout (and a respective info pop-up) all secured content will be deleted from the device (including bookmarks)

Table of Content & Menu Icons

– Table of Content (TOC) and menu icons can now be hidden in all issues
– Users can now include own icons and directly link those with the TOC or app menu using URLs

CMS-to-App & Continuous Publishing

– Continuous publishing with the new Purple DS newsfeed. This can also be combined in an app with the Purple DS Newsstand
– New standard interface to link CMS systems directly to Purple DS
– New Purple Templating Engine for efficient creation of new articles. These can also be edited later with Purple DS Composer

Unification of print subscription code and coupons

– Within the apps there is now only one area for inputting activation codes – the same area as for print subscription codes and coupons
– The entry of several codes is possible
– As before, coupons can still be created in Purple DS Manager

Templating of CMS content

– A connection with CMS systems is possible via a standard Purple interface, enabling templating directly from the system. This allows the creation of a template with an IT-driven process chain.

– The performance of the PDF display has been significantly enhanced
– The display of the entire content is possible by switching off the Action bar and the accompanying Status bar (full content)

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