Regularly published newsfeed articles are a great way to stay connected to your audience and to frequently inform your app users about all sorts of relevant news.

In a Purple DS app, you can combine a newsstand, for example with periodically published multi-page brochures or magazines, as well as continuously published postings such as newsfeeds, blog articles, or regular company updates.

In this article we will focus on the frequent postings. However, all options discussed can easily be used for edition-based publishing as well. 

Easily publish frequent postings/articles

No matter where your content is coming from and in what format, Purple DS offers you various ways to publish your news. No coding required.

Layout First or Content first?

Generally, it depends on what you want to achieve, to decide which option works best for your needs.

Layout first is great, if you want to create more immersive articles with a high degree of individuality and design effort. This option is working fine for low frequency publishing activities. However, if you are aiming at highly efficient workflows due to a high frequency of articles published a day, thinking in “content first” terms is definitely helpful. In order to decide on the best options for you, feel free to contact us and talk to one of our product specialists.



1. “Pixel-perfect” to App: Individuality comes first!

You also have the option of creating an entirely new layout directly in the Purple DS® Suite or importing existing layouts, from Adobe InDesign®, HTML elements or existing documents such as PDF. All contents and levels can be enhanced with interactive elements and animations – resulting in a highly engaging and entertaining manner. This is particularly interesting workflow if you want to create individual layouts for each single article.

2. Template to App: Article templates tailored to your individual needs

With our Templating Client and article templates tailored to your individual needs, print-2-mobile transformation turns into an efficient semi-automated workflow! Easily transform your InDesign to mobile-optimized layouts.

And even more efficient: For customers who want to publish regularly it makes logical sense to automating the publishing process. Until now, when you had contents which was available only as unstructured data in such as InDesign®, it was not possible to set up this type of automation. Purple DS Templating Client can structure data in InDesign® quickly and efficiently and format the content for automated publishing across native apps, websites, and social media. The result: A significant process and cost optimization!

3. Editor to App: Editorial systems as simple content entry point

This process allows you to publish articles in a simple to sophisticated way using editing tools such as the Purple DS Templating Client as well as Canvasflow. You basically create your content directly using these tools.

3.1 Canvasflow Editor

Another great tool to create simple articles or output in HTML is the Canvasflow Editor. A standard API allows you to directly push the content created in Canvasflow directly into your native Purple DS app. The editing tool allows you to create your own HTML article templates using simple drag&drop.

3.2 Purple DS Templating Client Editor

Create sophisticated native articles or editions with the Templating Client Editor and push them into your Purple DS app. With the help of ready-made templates tailored to your individual needs, you can easily create content with interactions and animations. Perfect layouts for phone and tablet. Article-based publishing becomes child’s play!

4. CMS to App: Fully automated efficient workflow

With this option, you can publish contents directly from your Content Management System (CMS), irrespective if you are dealing with an individual article or entire issues. This allows you to reuse your content in multiple channels. This high-frequency publishing process uses predefined templates to push your content into your Purple DS app.

Your templates can also include sections for picture galleries, videos or other interactive media. There are basically no limits. Purple DS can be connected to any CMS.

The Purple DS Publishing Suite allows you to create content no matter the source. For any questions please contact us.

Purple DS Webinar on the topic

We recently held a webinar on this topic focusing on editor based as well as CMS based workflows presenting easy ways to publish articles into a Purple DS app using Canvasflow as well as WoodWing products. If you are interested, please register below to receive the download link.

Want to watch the recorded webinar?

Want to watch the recorded webinar?


Selected partners

  • Create responsive content quickly and easily.
  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop interface using default elements
  • Quickly create optimised articles compatible with multiple digital channels and screen sizes
  • Push content directly to your Purple DS app via a standard API
Canvasflow, Website
  • One deeply integrated system for publishing to print, mobile and the web
  • Produce and publish in just a few clicks
  • Endless flexibility: you choose whether you want to publish articles, issues in PDF or pixel-perfect – replicas or mobile-optimized, e.g. reading mode
  • Deeply integrated workflow with Purple DS
WoodWing, Website

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