Beautifully designed interactive content meets production efficiency

Objective & Initial Situation

Together with NewsLifeMedia (NLM) and Woolworths, we have developed an app that stands out in terms of design, functionality and efficiency!

Woolworths is Australia’s largest supermarket chain, for which NLM regularly publishes a food magazine “Fresh” as a print and app version. However, the app was primarily designed for tablet use. Purple DS was chosen as part of the migration from Adobe DPS to a new publishing platform. Woolworths wanted to achieve the following objectives with Purple DS:

  • Migration of the newsstand and of all previous issues of “Fresh” magazine
  • Mobile-optimized layout for all devices – tablet and phone
  • Recipe feed: Reuse of published recipes from past magazine editions to sustainably increase the frequency of use of the app (monthly magazine edition in combination with continuous publication of new recipes)

The main challenge was the traditional use of InDesign as a layout template for the print edition. Unfortunately, InDesign does not offer structured data on the one hand and only a design optimized for print on the other hand. Woolworths also did not use a content management system.


In order to achieve the customer’s objectives, we have implemented two central tools in the new workflow. In detail

  1. The Purple DS Templating Client to structure InDesign into XML components and,
  2. Drupal Thunder to introduce a central CMS for recipe management.

The Purple DS Templating Client is a proficient tool for efficiently structuring InDesign into XML components. The XML can then be converted into mobile-optimized templates to display the content perfectly for all mobile devices in tablet and smartphone format. Furthermore, the structured data can also be fed into a CMS and is thus also available for other channels.

The CMS chosen was Drupal Thunder, but of course other content management systems can be integrated without any problems. The recipe data is imported directly from the CMS into the app automatically using individual templates. This makes it quick and easy to create a feed for recipes.

Another highlight of the app is the customised HTML storefront. Because the native Purple DS storefront did not meet Woolworth’s requirements, a storefront was designed and programmed to meet optimal UI/UX requirements. This allows the app users to make various pre-selections or search for recipes. In addition, a direct link between the online shop and the app allows you to order all ingredients for each recipe directly from Woolworths.

In addition to the sophisticated recipe feed, the user also has access to all current and old issues of the magazine in the kiosk. The use of the app could be increased enormously and the connection to the Woolworths brand has been strengthened.

We are thrilled – and so are Woolworths’ customers! The app and all content is available free of charge from the app store, and the benefits and up-selling potentials speak for themselves.

The app at a glance:

  • The app allows an efficient reuse of existing content – a classic, interactive monthly magazine in combination with a category-based recipe feed.
  • The use of Drupal Thunder in combination with individually created templates enables an efficient and direct playout of content from a central CMS into the Purple DS app – mobile-optimized for phone and tablet.
  • Woolworths uses an individual HTML storefront for the app, which offers even better branding and targeted user guidance.
  • Optimized UI/UX: Users can make different pre-selections in the recipe feed, e. g., vegetarian or gluten-free, or search for specific recipes.
  • In addition to the recipes, all past issues of the magazine are also available in the newsstand.

Direct link between the app and an online shop, so that users of the app can order all ingredients for each recipe directly from Woolworths.

Woolworths app “Fresh” 

Packed with practical tips, step-by-step videos and a focus on fresh products. Discover new ways to cook with the freshest products of the season. You can even add ingredients to your Woolworths online shopping cart, which you can then deliver directly to your doorstep. Download it today for free!
Download: iOS I Android

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