Fast and easy: Content-first with Purple DS Hub and tohoop

A twin pack for publishing on all channels: Purple DS Hub gives you a CMS that, combined with print add-on tohoop by ppi Media, helps you save time when preparing print publications and digital content – by integrating InDesign in a WebCMS.

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Fast, easy publishing – without giving up tried-and-tested practices!

Want an easy but efficient workflow while being able to publish your content on all channels? Preparing an online article that also needs to be released as a print edition?

Purple DS Hub and tohoop enable all content to be transferred to InDesign, incorporating only the elements relevant for print. The great thing about this is that all changes made in InDesign can simultaneously be seen in the hub. Automatically updated and synced. No more copy & paste – just smart, contemporary working.

All features at a glance

  • Bidirectional syncing
  • Template-based working
  • Smart incorporation of WebCMS and InDesign formatting
  • WYSIWYG for digital and print
  • Customised web and app design
  • Workflow and rights management
  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Failsafe monitoring
  • Fully automatic scaling
  • Intuitive content management
  • Page builder
  • Revision history and track-changes feature
  • SEO-optimised
  • Multivariate A/B testing
  • Personal account manager

Fast, smart publishing on all channels

Purple DS Hub is the platform for all publisher workflows – whether for print or online.

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Digital, sustainable and future-proof

Content-first thanks for a multichannel concept

The most important content on the right channel, for the right readers, at the right time – whether for print or online. The CMS displays all content on the various channels automatically.

Working on a text as a team

Whether it be authors or editors, everyone can work together on the relevant content. Revision cycles are shorter and the content is always up-to-date. Purple DS Hub centralises your content and processes, allowing you to enjoy simplified workflows, save time, and give your editors more scope for creativity.

Financial saving

Using Purple DS Hub in combination with tohoop not only facilitates a more efficient workflow; it also enables financial savings. Licensing fees for your print CMS and InDesign may no longer be required.

Optimierte Leser:innenbindung durch bessere Ansprache

Optimised reader loyalty through improved communications

Purple DS gives publishers the ability to display recommended articles and content tailored to readers, significantly increasing the ever-important media time. Artificial intelligence makes this possible.

Monetisation of services

Personalised services provide opportunities to offer various subscription models – because the readers decide which content they want to receive, and subscribe accordingly. New sales channels are also unlocked.

What our customers say about us

“Purple DS is a very powerful production system that also allows us to flexibly implement future requirements.”

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Remco Meyer

Projectlead Technology & Data

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“SPRYLAB is on fire for multichannel topics and sometimes comes up with bold ideas that we’re happy to go along with.”

Philip Warth Foto

Philip Warth

Chief Digital Officer

“Purple DS has already proven to be an efficient, semi-automated publishing platform for us.”

Leonard Burns

Product Manager Digital Editions

Bring digital and print together

Want to learn more about Purple DS Hub and connecting your print workflow to tohoop? Feel free to call or write to us. We’ll be glad to offer you personalised advice.

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