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Beautiful stories on your dedicated mobile app – quicker, easier and smarter!


Purple DS combined with WoodWing’s Enterprise or Enterprise Aurora offers the fastest way to create, manage and publish your content to mobile. Leverage the full power of multichannel automation, with the combined solution from SPRYLAB and WoodWing.

Why adopt an end-to-end content creation and mobile app solution?


  • Multichannel creation and publishing from a combined and seamlessly integrated solution.
  • Produce and publish to app and web in just a few clicks (individual articles or entire print issues)
  • A user-friendly solution with no need of IT programming skills.
  • Simple publishing of PDF, PDF with XML read mode or channel-neutral content from WoodWing’s Enterprise Aurora – all your workflows are supported.
  • Integrate your print entitlement to grant your subscribers access to your digital content.
  • Endless flexibility: Customise workflows and embed analytics, dynamic advertisement, payments systems, and more.
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Woodwing mobile Purple DS workflow graphic
Woodwing mobile Purple DS workflow graphic

Workflows that perfectly fit into your current set-up and even increase your capabilities!

PDF to App:

Simply publish a full PDF issue or single articles directly from Enterprise’s Content Station to your own branded app. One click and you’re done!

XML to App:

Does your content exists as structured XML?
Push the XML together with your PDF to your app and offer your audience your PDF issue with a mobile-optimized readmode.

Or use the XML to feed your content into pre-defined custom app templates incl. all kinds of interactivity. Pure mobile experience – no print PDF needed.

HTML to App:

Content created in WoodWing’s Enterprise Aurora can also be published as HTML.

Just push your content directly to your app and offer your audience responsive content for mobile reading.

In addition to the WoodWing based workflows, all other workflows offered by SPRYLAB can still be used independently or in any combination. 

Other options include:

Manual/pixel perfect:

In this case you are using the Purple DS Composer to either enhance your PDF or InDesign with many different kinds of interactions and/or animation OR you can  start mobile first directly in the Composer with no print file as basis/source. This workflow can also be used to further add interactivity to content produced directly from WoodWing.

Semi automated:

In this case you are using our Purple DS Templating Client to easily convert your print InDesign Print content into mobile-optimised layouts (phone and tablet) WITH many different kinds of interactivity. It is semi-automated because you match/structure the print layout elements (headline, subline, picture etc.) manually to the digital XML components efficiently by drag&drop. However the interactivity, as well as the optimisation for phone and tablet runs automatically based on the pre-defined / bespoke templates.

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Everything is possible!

Everything is possible!


Many known brands and publishers trust Purple DS®.

Do you want to find out more?

Do you want to find out more?