Content Intelligence for today's Editorial Teams

Purple DS ACM handles routine technical tasks such as SEO and linking highly efficiently with AI and increases your content performance. So your editors can focus on their work as journalists again.

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An investment that pays off

Turn meaningful innovation into tangible business results in a responsible way.

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Effortless production

Speed up your content creation with data-driven topic suggestions, keyword research and image recognition.

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More time freed up

Use automation to relieve your editors of manual tasks such as article linking and image searching.

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Increase digital revenue

Engage your customers with personalised content and use automated affiliate links to increase your digital revenue.

How our content intelligence tools support your editorial team

AI in action. Purple DS ACM’s artificial intelligence unlocks the full potential of your data. 

Find "hot topics" at the touch of a button

Let crucial engagement data from news aggregators, social media and Google Trends flow into your topic discovery. So you don’t waste time selecting your topics and you always know what your readers are currently engaged in. 

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Create the perfect topic plan

In the past, topic planning was based solely on the experience and gut feeling of your editors. Today, data-driven analyses help you discover seasonal patterns and thus perfect your monthly topic planning.

Automate the linking of articles

Forget about time-consuming searches in the archive and manual linking of articles. Instead: Have suitable articles suggested to you based on parameters you choose. This saves your editors an enormous amount of time and increases the dwell time of your readers.

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Inspire with personalised content

Use personalised recommendations to increase reader engagement and reduce your churn rate. You can choose from three options: similar articles, recommendations based on previous user behaviour and collaborative filtering. 

More features:

There is so much more to Purple DS ACM.

Automatic search engine optimisation

Speed up the creation of your articles with automatic keyword and synonym suggestions. This relieves your editors, allowing them to focus on other tasks, and increases the chance that your articles will be found via Google and Co.

Image recognition and auto-tagging

Benefit from fast image searching. With the help of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Rekognition, your images are automatically categorised with metadata and tags. Even faces and locations are recognised.

Automatic affiliate links

Create dynamic affiliate links that automatically update themselves after publication. This helps increase your digital revenue and find products that match your readers' interests.

How Purple DS ACM works

Our self-learning AI uses three sources to unleash its full power.


Your content

A customised topic model is created from all your content (articles, PDFs, etc.).


Your analytics

This topic model is supplemented with performance data from your analytics tools.


Third-party APIs

In addition, your data is enriched via integrated third-party tools from Google and Co.


Seamlessly integrated with Purple DS Hub or your CMS

The choice is all yours. Use our content intelligence, Purple DS ACM, either bundled with our multichannel CMS, Purple DS Hub, or integrate it seamlessly with your existing content management system.

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How Purple DS ACM was born

Purple DS ACM was born in close collaboration with our leading publishing customers. The most important partner was Hubert Burda Media, which was also our first pilot customer. The Recommendation Engine in particular was developed in close cooperation with Bertelsmann. By the way, in case you are wondering what ACM stands for: Autonomous Content Management – in reference to autonomous driving.

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What our customers say about us

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“Purple DS is a very powerful production system with which we can also flexibly implement future requirements.”

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Martin Werren

Project Manager Technology & Data

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“Purple DS has already proven to be an efficient, semi-automated publishing platform for us.”

Leonard Burns

Leonard Burns

Product Manager Digital Editions

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“SPRYLAB is on fire for multichannel topics and sometimes comes up with crazy ideas around the corner that we like to go along with.”

Philip Warth Foto

Philip Warth

Chief Digital Officer

How can I find out even more? “We’re glad you asked!”

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Getting started in the multichannel publishing world has never been easier.

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