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Scrollytelling – An innovative Storytelling Feature

Timo Lamour

Timo Lamour

Digital Scrollytelling Innovative Storytelling Feature

Scrollytelling is a powerful way to tell stories more dynamically. It combines text, photos, graphics, video effects and animations that perfectly blend into one another to produce engaging stories. Storytelling is a completely new, innovative way of visualizing a story or info flow.

The word “Scrollytelling” itself is a combination of “storytelling” and “scrolling”. It refers to a digital multimedia story that unfolds as you scroll. The stories can be either long reads or short information with great supporting images and videos in the background that change according to the context. In this way, narrative elements can be controlled by the gestures (=scrolling) of the app user and repeated as necessary. Users can explore the content as they scroll, making this an engaging and powerful way of storytelling.


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Video: Examples of client apps made with Purple DS showcasing a variety of options to use scrollytelling.

Design and Implementation

Traditionally, Scrollytelling is related to website design and known to be hard to implement as a number of technical and design related skills and requirements are needed to turn such a project into reality. Considering this, a Scrollytelling project could easily consume a large budget.

Nowadays this impressive feature is also used in great apps enabling great reach. More and more publishers and organizations want to offer their app users a great reading experience and provide engaging and captivating content. Great examples include EPOS and the Konrad Adenauer App.

App examples from the video:

Konrad Adenauer as great storytelling example

Konrad Adenauer – Download: iOS I Android (only available in German app stores)

Epos as great storytelling example

EPOS – Download: iOS

The tablet version of EPOS did even win the Digital Media Europe Award of “Best In Tablet Publishing”. This was one of the early bird apps using this technological gimmick.

Scrollytelling with Purple DS Composer

All the mentioned apps have been realized using the Purple DS Composer’s Scrollytelling feature. The content creation tool is now able to bring this way of storytelling easily into life – without coding.

The feature is now included as a basic feature for everyone using the Purple DS e-publishing suite. This eliminates the need to purchase individual solutions and allows you to start creating your digital story right now.

Tutorial Scrollytelling

Everyone interested can watch our online video tutorial about Scrollytelling. Some knowledge about Purple DS is helpful.

Want to know more about the enormous potential of scrollytelling? Then reach out to our Sales team today and schedule a call.

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