SPRYLAB takes 4th place in the Kress digital ranking list

SPRYLAB is one of the top 5 full-service providers for media publishers

We are proud to announce that SPRYLAB has taken fourth place in Kress Pro’s latest ranking of the best digital agencies and tools for 2021 in German-speaking countries, making it one of the top 5 full-service providers. Each year, publisher Oberauer and Kress Pro analyse the key service providers and software developers in the media […]

SPRYLAB integrates web-to-print solution tohoop in Purple DS Hub

SPRYLAB adds a highly efficient print workflow to its digital publishing platform, Purple DS Hub, by integrating the tohoop publishing module designed by ppi Media. tohoop is a web-to-print solution developed by ppi Media that enables InDesign to be seamlessly integrated into a web CMS (WCMS). This allows print publications to be efficiently created from […]

6 Insights from Our New Life by Video Conference

SPRYLABS reaction to the coronavirus: 6 Insights from Our New Life by Video Conference

Times have changed so fast, haven’t they? Business as usual was yesterday.  In the current situation, our top priority is the health and safety of our employees and our community, including our customers, partners and prospects.  Next to health and safety, the continuing success of our customers is the most important thing to us. In […]

Would You Benefit from Purple DS Hub?

Purple DS HUB for Publishers

Why do you need a multichannel publishing platform? Through our 12 years of experience in the digital publishing industry, we have learned that the traditional boundaries between different publishing areas are a thing of the past. Old rigid classifications into web, app, social media, print and Co. are dissolving at a rapid pace. The reason? […]

Gutenberg Editor: Are You Guilty of Underestimating the New WordPress Update?

It is currently the hottest topic in the WordPress world and the most significant change in a long time. WordPress version 5.0 is coming soon and will bring along the new editor Gutenberg. While some users welcome the changes with open arms, others are more sceptical. There is also another large group of WordPress users: those who haven’t […]

TI Media, Formerly TIME Inc., Selects SPRYLAB’s Purple DS Platform

TI Media, formerly TIME Inc., selects SPRYLAB’s Purple DS platform

TI Media, formerly TIME Inc., selects SPRYLAB’s Purple DS platform to publish all of its digital magazine titles in the UK TI Media, formally Time Inc., has selected SPRYLAB technologies to be its interactive e-publishing platform provider of choice in the UK market. The globally renown publisher has already successfully migrated its market-leading portfolio of […]

Ringier Chooses SPRYLAB Purple DS as Technology Partner

Sprylab Purple DS for all Blick Magazine Titles

Ringier chooses SPRYLAB Purple DS as technology partner for all BLICK e-papers and for the online shop for print & digital subscriptions Ringier is now using the Purple DS platform for its digital editions of Blick, SonntagsBlick and Blick am Abend. In addition, SPRYLAB was commissioned to set up a new online shop for print […]