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Produkt Management for Publishers
Publishing Tips

When Media Meets Tech: Why Publishers Need Product Management

Publishers of all shapes and sizes are facing an increasingly competitive environment.  Young startups can cheaply leverage the democratising features …

Why Amazon Polly is a potential Game-Changer for the Publishing Industry
Publishing Tips

Why Amazon Polly Is a Potential Game Changer for the Publishing Industry

The way that consumers interact with content is changing. We are in the middle of a paradigm shift in which …

How AI Can Support Editorial Teams by Taking Over Mundane Tasks
Content Intelligence

How AI Can Support Editorial Teams by Taking Over Mundane Tasks

AI has crawled its way into the media industry, where it is beginning to make a huge impact. It is …

13 Content Marketing blogs even publishers can learn from
Publishing Tips

13 Content Marketing Blogs Even Publishers Can Learn from

Do you hope to take your content strategy to the next level? Or are you having trouble with a particular …

Digitalisation: 6 principles for publishers
Publishing Tips

Digitalisation: 6 Principles Publishers Should Follow to Thrive in a Digital Era

Nobody in English publishing houses is eagerly awaiting the latest ABC figures. Rather a certain tension prevails, because as it’s …

Repurposing content: Smart tips for reusing your old content for maximum impact
Publishing Tips

Repurposing Content: Smart Tips for Reusing Your Old Content for Maximum Impact

Regularly creating new and relevant content is the biggest challenge for every journalist and thought leader. And it is hard …