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SPRYLAB integrates web-to-print solution tohoop in Purple DS Hub

Juliana Mani

Juliana Mani

SPRYLAB adds a highly efficient print workflow to its digital publishing platform, Purple DS Hub, by integrating the tohoop publishing module designed by ppi Media.

tohoop is a web-to-print solution developed by ppi Media that enables InDesign to be seamlessly integrated into a web CMS (WCMS). This allows print publications to be efficiently created from WordPress or other digital platforms, transforming the WCMS editor into a central content creation tool for all publishing channels. tohoop is also a smart reverse publishing solution for publishing houses and corporate publishers thanks to features such as the intelligent translation of formatting from the WCMS to InDesign.

Successful multi-channel publishing – with Purple DS Hub und tohoop

With the integration, publishers are able to create content directly in Purple DS Hub and transfer it to InDesign.

This makes tohoop the ideal interface to complement the existing features of SPRYLAB’s Purple DS Hub. The multi-channel CMS enables content to be created for websites, social media and other digital channels in a simple and centralized process – and now with reliable print integration thanks to tohoop.

Key benefits for publishers

  • Central content hub for multichannel publishing
  • Visually intuitive and highly efficient workflows
  • Manage and plan your content and publications in one central hub
  • Two-way, automatic synch of online and print content
  • Intelligent transfer of formatting
  • Page preview in Purple DS Hub

Two of the most innovative technology partners for international media companies, ppi Media and SPRYLAB, have joined forces in an exciting partnership.

As a technology partner for the world’s leading media companies in Europe, the USA and Asia, we have over 35 years of experience in print production.

“Purple DS Hub in combination with the tohoop web-to-print solution is the perfect way for publishers to distribute content on absolutely every channel – simply and efficiently for online and print. They no longer have to write different texts – they just have to create one piece of content for all publication channels, which is then automatically adapted depending on the medium. This is what optimal and contemporary multi-channel publishing should be like. We’re pleased to have integrated ppi Media’s tohoop solution as an additional print channel – we’re looking forward to working with our partner in the future”, says Kevin Kallenbach, Head of Sales at SPRYLAB.

Matthias Fischer, Sales Director of ppi Media GmbH, adds: “We’re delighted to be working with SPRYLAB. By integrating tohoop in the Purple DS Hub as a solution that enables the highly efficient print integration of digital workflows, we have an excellent opportunity to make the advantages of our solution available to even more publishers. As a technology partner for the world’s leading media companies in Europe, the USA and Asia, we have over 35 years of experience in print production. As a result, we can also enable the most sophisticated print integration for digital publishing workflows”

Bring digital and print together

Would you like to learn more about Purple DS Hub and connecting your print workflow with tohoop? Please feel free to call us or write to us. We will be happy to advise you individually.

Image: Purple DS Hub und tohoop

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